A Digital Scholarship space provided by UK Libraries


CreateUK enables UK Libraries to offer web hosting with individual domain names (web space) for faculty, students, and UK Libraries’ employees campus-wide.

To get started, you’ll need to request an account first.  Log in with your linkblue credentials to see the form.  For more information, consult our FAQs, User Guide, and/or contact us at CreateUK@lsv.uky.edu.


Create, manage, and share your research outputs and academic work in digital form.  Customize your digital content with easy one-click installations of a wide variety of open-source applications such as WordPress, Scalar, Omeka, Drupal, Python, MediaWiki, and much more.


Collaborate with co-editors and co-authors, create a class project with student contributions, and share your digital content with the public.


“Before we had CreateUK, I would ask students to explore the use of digital humanities in their projects, but few were able to overcome the technological barriers to actually pursue it. Now we can give students not only the ideas and knowledge, but also the tools for successful projects. CreateUK is a game changer for student knowledge creation and dissemination.”

“We’re experiencing a time of great upheaval in higher education, and our innovations in teaching and learning have been accelerated by the pandemic. As teacher-scholars look for news ways that students can express knowledge, learn collaboratively, and connect coursework with lived experience, CreateUK provides a timely platform for engaging students in project-based learning.”

“I decided to use the CreateUK platform to give my students an opportunity to learn basic web content and to share their research. In doing so, the assignment moves out of the classroom into the real world. The intent is for them to be highly attentive in their research and writing and take pride in their contributions to do their best work. Others out there may be interested in what they write!”

“CreateUK ended up being PERFECT for my online course DST 310 Writing Markup in Spring 2021, and students were able to affordably learn about the process of building a website both from scratch using HTML/CSS and using a CMS (most opted for WordPress). Without CreateUK, I would’ve had to screen and select a hosting company, which might not have supported all of my students’ needs and long-term goals for their web presence.”

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