Editing on 2020-05-27: Don’t Break the Chain

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Correcting misspellings in Wikipedia is one of my favorite type of editing, but there are times when it can make the encyclopedia worse…

Today I came across the typo “embarassing” for “embarrassing” among the references in the article for the film The Best Offer:

This gave me pause because it was in the title of a reference (and as it turned out, the title on the actual site), so correcting the spelling would be an inaccurate citation:

A closer look revealed that the URL for the article was based on the headline, so correcting the typo there would also break the link:


I left the link alone, but added the {{sic}} tag to the title in the citation:


Splitting the word this way in the tag means that future searches for “embarassing” won’t return this article. This tag normally puts [sic] after the misspelled word, but I have hidden it (hide=y) so it won’t interfere with the citation template.

Current Stats

  • Edit count: 16467
  • Days remaining: 218
  • Edits/day needed: 16.2
  • Typos chased:
    • embarassing -> embarrassing
    • subsidary -> subsidiary

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