Editing on 2020-05-26: Beware vandals!

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Beware vandals! The Kingdom of Great Britain, officially called Great Britain, was a sovereign state…

Wait, why did the article start that way? That’s odd.

While correcting spelling today (looking for “britian” for “Britain”), I came across an article with an odd lead paragraph:

The Kingdom of Great Britain is a well-established article, so surely that part hasn’t always been lowercase and misspelled, but why would someone change it? I checked the article’s history and found that the previous version started like this:

Uh oh, vandalism! Is that the extent of it? Fortunately, we can see the entire edit history, going all the way back to the article’s first version in December 2002:

(That’s it! That was the whole first version of the article!)

We can browse through the recent history of the article and see exactly what changed with each edit surrounding the vandalism:

  • May 22 at 7:24pm – Lazz R adjusted formatting (last good edit)
  • May 26 at 3:03pm – Bobos500 replaced a reference to “New Light on George I” to the phrase “I play minecraft” and a few other non-constructive edits
  • May 26 at 3:04pm – Bobos500 replaced title in the first sentence with “Pok√©mon go server”
  • May 26 at 3:06pm – Bobos500 changed title back to “kingdom of great britian” (but lowercase and misspelled)
  • May 26 at 3:16pm – an unnamed editor fixed the capitalization, but added “Beware vandals!” to the beginning of the article
  • May 26 at 3:20pm – admin editor Zzuuzz reverted the “Beware vandals!” edit
  • May 26 at 3:21pm – admin editor Zzuuzz looked more closely, and reverted back to the last good version by Lazz R (also removing minecraft jokes).

I didn’t get to fix the “britian” misspelling in this article after all, but there were plenty more to fix!

Current Stats

  • Edit count: 16435
  • Days remaining: 219
  • Edits/day needed: 16.27
  • Typos chased:
    • britian -> britain

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