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As Wikipedia editors go, I am very much a WikiGnome, which means that I tend to do small incremental edits to many articles instead of spending lots of time on a few. In particular, I like fixing typos, article structure, dead links, vandalism, and categories.

One reason I like these gnome-type activities is that they’re often easy to do on the spot without a lot of research. You can be reading along in Wikipedia and notice that something that doesn’t look right, fix it, and keep reading.

The article for archaeologist Emil Haury had a link to another article within one of its section headers. How often do you see a blue section header in Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia Manual of Style for Section Headings says that section headings should not contain links, so this is something we should fix. In Wikipedia’s visual editor, you can do this by clicking the heading, and using the “unlink” button on the window that pops up, and then publish that change.

Snaketown is already wiki-linked several other places in the article (including the lead paragraph), so we don’t need to add the link back anywhere. If this was the first time it was mentioned in the article, we could wiki-link the first place it is mentioned in the prose of that section.

Current stats

  • Edit count: 16316
  • Days remaining: 221
  • Edits/day needed: 16.67
  • Typos chased:
    • orignal, orginal -> original
    • prinicipal -> principal

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