20,000 edits by the end of 2020?

According to the stats page on Wikipedia, I registered my account on May 26, 2007, so I’m coming up on my 13th anniversary as an editor. During that time, I’ve had periods of higher activity (including a couple of edit-a-thons!) and also long breaks, but in total I have made 16,222 edits so far. I’ve been doing more editing recently (prompted by #1lib1ref) and that got me wondering — can I reach 20,000 edits by the end of 2020?

There are 222 days (including today) left until the end of the year, so if I average about 17 edits per day, I should be good. Challenging for sure, but I think I can make it happen. Wish me luck. 🙂

Citation Needed! (April 2020)

Charles Rosendahl, the US Navy officer usually credited with discovering and using the ‘Zeppelin bend’ knot, denied any knowledge of it when asked in an interview. (Zeppelin bend)

Is this true? Can you find a reliable source that supports (or refutes) it? If so, you can add this source to the Wikipedia article to improve the encyclopedia!

All of the statements below were marked as unsourced statements in Wikipedia in April 2020. Leave a comment below to let me know if you fixed any of them, and I’ll mark them off of our list! (If you would rather not edit Wikipedia directly, you can leave the reference in the comment and somebody can edit for you!)

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