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Freema Agyeman at Comic-Con

In 2007, Freema Agyeman was nominated for Best Actress in the TV Quick Awards for her role as Martha Jones on Doctor Who.

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Sources needed for these statements:

In 2007, Freema Agyeman was nominated for Best Actress in the TV Quick Awards for her role as Martha Jones in Doctor Who. (Freema Agyeman)

Bhojpuri is an official language of Nepal. (Bhojpuri language)

The character Joe Camber from Stephen King’s novel Cujo is mentioned in ‘Needful Things’, which also takes place in Castle Rock. (Castle Rock (Stephen King))

The song ‘Two-Twenty-Nine’ by Brave Saint Saturn includes a recording of Dylan Thomas reading his poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’. (Do not go gentle into that good night)

100 hundred years of uncompressed video at 8K UHD (7680 x 4320 pixels), 120 frames per second and 16-bit per color channel (RGB) would amount to 72 exabytes. (Exabyte)

Reptiles smell using the tip of their tongue, and a forked tongue allows them to sense from which direction a smell is coming. (Forked tongue)

Scientists are exploring the industrial use of Gallium (III) telluride, specifically applications in laser diodes and solar cells. (Gallium(III) telluride)

Huffman coding theoretically approaches the entropy limit (optimal compression) as the size of the block approaches infinity. (Huffman coding)

Wooden hockey sticks are usually constructed by laminating multiple types of wood into a high quality plywood, then coating the stick and blade with thin plastic or fiberglass. (Ice hockey stick)

Actress Jameela Jamil modeled for (among other publications), Japanese Teen Vogue. (Jameela Jamil)

Actor Andrew Koenig’s ashes were interred in a niche in the Garden of Memory section of Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California. (Andrew Koenig)

The Lake Van Monster is mentioned during an episode of the YouTube series Unexplained Mysteries, released in 2019. (Lake Van Monster)

In episode 14 of the television series “Kolchak: The Night Stalker”, mannequins come to life and attack the living. (Mannequin)

Neroli oil is a classic element in fragrance design and one of the most commonly used in the industry. (Neroli)

According to oboist John Mack, an oboe student must fill a laundry basket with finished reeds in order to master the art. (Oboe)

The most extreme examples of “pan and scan” cropping of film remove up to 75% of the picture. (Pan and scan)

Record-setting Shumard oak trees have been measured at up to 60 m (200 ft) tall, with crowns up to 27.5 m (90 ft) in width. (Quercus shumardii)

Redbone coonhounds do not reach full physical and mental maturity until the age of two years, comparatively slower than many other breeds. (Redbone Coonhound)

Mathematician Leila Schneps earned a B.A. in Mathematics, German Language and Literature from Radcliffe College in 1983, then took up graduate studies in France. (Leila Schneps)

The prototype of Tesla’s Cybertruck has a ramp that extends from the tail gate to the ground for loading cargo. (Tesla Cybertruck)

In the antebellum period, half of New York’s exports were related to cotton. (Utica, New York)

If A,B,C,D are vectors, the following relationship involving the dot product and cross product holds: (Vector algebra relations)

{\displaystyle \!(\mathbf {A} \cdot (\mathbf {B} \times \mathbf {C} ))\,\mathbf {D} =(\mathbf {A} \cdot \mathbf {D} )\left(\mathbf {B} \times \mathbf {C} \right)+\left(\mathbf {B} \cdot \mathbf {D} \right)\left(\mathbf {C} \times \mathbf {A} \right)+\left(\mathbf {C} \cdot \mathbf {D} \right)\left(\mathbf {A} \times \mathbf {B} \right)}

In January 2019, the film “Willow”‘s distribution rights were transferred from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to Walt Disney Studios. (Willow (film))

Alexander von Humboldt published illustrations and a description of Xochicalco in 1810. (Xochicalco)thanks, suz!

The Nintendo game Yoshi’s Island is available in the SNES online app for Nintendo Switch as part of the paid online service. (Yoshi’s Island)i got this one!

The term ‘zine’ (short for ‘magazine’ or ‘fanzine’) entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 1949. (Zine)thanks, Kdhabolt!

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