UK Libraries Digital Humanities (DH) Cohort is an informal group, which meets to discuss and learn about digital projects, tools, and support DH interests across the Libraries and campus  This year we are utilizing the newly developed CreateUK platform to develop an online space, “UK Libraries Commons.”

In creating this digital commons, we hope the space will become a site for UK Libraries employees to share and learn about each other’s projects, participate in conversations about the evolving landscape of digital scholarship and engagement, and collaborate with colleagues on current and future projects. With ample space to develop richly illustrated portfolios, create collaborative projects, form networks, and hold digital conversations both asynchronously and in real time, this is a space where we can connect and be inspired by one another’s work and ideas.

Energized by Research & Innovation Day, the DH Cohort hopes that UK Libraries Commons will not just be another website for posting meeting minutes and uploading PDFs, but will be a place to inspire and foster vibrant digital collaborations throughout the year.

We hope everyone will sign up for the Commons, check out the profiles and projects your colleagues have begun to add, join groups, share your own work, and suggest any and all of your UK Libraries Commons ideas as we continue to develop this new venture.