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A Digital Scholarship space provided by UK Libraries


CreateUK enables UK Libraries to offer web hosting with individual domain names (web space) for faculty, students, and UK Libraries’ employees campus-wide.

To get started, you’ll need to request an account first.  Log in with your linkblue credentials to see the form.  For more information, consult our FAQs, User Guide, and/or contact us at


Create, manage, and share your research outputs and academic work in digital form.  Customize your digital content with easy one-click installations of a wide variety of open-source applications such as WordPress, Scalar, Omeka, Drupal, R-Studio, Python, Jupyter, MediaWiki, and much more.


Collaborate with co-editors and co-authors, create a class project with student contributions, and share your digital content with the public.

Project Showcase

Explore examples of how the University of Kentucky community is using CreateUK.